The Museum

A collaboration between the Travis County Communications and Records Services (CARS) Department and the Austin Friends of Folk Art


The museum's holdings come from around the world and from a variety of artists. In our online catalog you are able to view the current cataloged art works and filter the art works by different categories.


The museum features artists that have significant bodies of works in the collections. These artists have made important impacts in the world of folk art and some continue to work today.


Galleries are online exhibits that showcase the work of different artists and types of folk art. These galleries were curated by the museum to draw attention to the works of certain artists and the importance of certain types of folk art.


ABIA art exhibit

The museum currently has an exhibit at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The art from the museum is in 4 pylon cases, located past security checkpoint 2, near the east and west exit lanes. To view the exhibit you will have to go through airport security.

On display are selections of Oaxacan wood carvings, pieces by Herón Martínez Mendoza, Peruvian and Bolivian folk art, and South African Ndebele dolls. The Oaxacan wood carvings and Peruvian and Bolivian folk art are new and have not been displayed before by the museum. Special thanks to members of the Austin Friends of Folk Art for making this exhibit happen and staff at ABIA for their help in setting up the exhibit.

The exhibit will be on display until the end of November 2021.

For information on the ABIA art program, visit here.

ABIA Location

3600 Presidential Blvd

Austin, TX 78719


Open 24 hours,

TSA checkpoints are open
from approx.
3:30AM – 8:30PM

Austin Friends of Folk Art

Austin Friends of Folk Art

AFFA is dedicated to the knowledge, promotion and preservation of folk arts and world cultures. Our bylaws say AFFA “is organized and shall be operated [. . .] for civic, educational and charitable purposes related to the support, promotion, appreciation, and development throughout Austin and Travis County, Texas, of folk art from around the world.” Founded in 1987 by a small but enthusiastic band of culturally curious explorers, AFFA has carried out its activities as a non-profit educational organization in compliance with Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3 since 1988.