The Folk Art Museum of Central Texas is a museum in Austin, Texas that collects, preserves and exhibits folk art from around the world. Formed in 2015, the museum is a partnership between the Austin Friends of Folk Art and the Travis County Archives. Under the partnership, folk art donated to the Austin Friends of Folk is stored in the Travis County Archives and maintained and exhibited by Travis County Staff.

Thanks to our generous donors, the museum currently holds more than 700 pieces of folk art and its collections continue to grow. The museum does not currently have a permanent space open to visitors but shows its works in rotating exhibits in public spaces around the county. The museum has exhibited its works in county government buildings and offices, schools, libraries, museums, colleges and universities. These exhibits are meant to further the museum’s mission of building public appreciation for the beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance of folk art.

*Please Read FAQ before Contacting the museum*


Does the museum offer appraisals and authentication of art?

The museum does not offer any appraisal services. Please do not contact us with a request to appraise artwork, we do not have any professional appraisers on staff.

The museum can help with authenticating art but does not guarantee accuracy and recommends working with a qualified appraiser.

The museum is managed by one Travis County Archives staff member on a part time basis. Replies to any inquiries may be slow.

Can I visit the museum?

Currently, the museum does not have a permanent space dedicated to its collections.

The museum shows its art through rotating exhibits at different venues, please see our exhibits page for information on current exhibits.

Will the museum buy my art?

No, the museum does not purchase art for its collections at this time. To donate art to the museum, please see the Donating section below.

Donating to the museum

The museum accepts donations from the public for its collections. The museum has specific standards for what art it will accept, please read our donor guidelines before contacting.

For all questions about donating to the museum, please contact Gloria Pennington at the Austin Friends of Folk Art.

For more information on the Austin Friends of Folk Art, please visit their site.


Attn: Travis County Archives

5555 Airport Blvd

Austin, TX 78751