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Marty Naha Nampeyo


Marty Naha Nampeyo is known together with his wife for their development of the incised redware (introduced by Elvira's father, Tom Polacca), Marty and Elvira have nearly perfected the Kachina element captured in each of their unique pieces.

Both Marty and Elvira come from a long line of artists, and actually share distant relations with Nampeyo. (Elvira being the great-granddaughter of Nampeyo)

His heritage and involvement with daily Hopi culture have given them an advantage. His closeness with the Hopi way of life is represented as each piece nearly comes to life in the hands of an onlooker.

Having shown throughout the Southwest, Marty and Elvira's pottery pieces can be seen in various galleries as well as publications dealing with elaborate Indian art. One such collection resides within the Heard Museum, in Phoenix, AZ. Also featured in the Museum of Indian Arts & Cultures, Santa Fe, NM.

Together they have appeared in publications such as Hopi-Tewa Potters by Gregory Schaaf, p. 101; and Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery by Rick Dillingham, pp. 14-15; and Art of the Hopi by Lois Essary Jacka, p. 110.

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