Online Exhibit - Gabino Reyes Lopez

Gabino Reyes Lopez is a wood carver from the village of La Union Tejalapam in Oaxaca, Mexico. He is best known for his brightly painted and finely detailed carvings of plants and animals that draw inspiration from the native flora and fauna of Oaxaca. Gabino also creates fantastical creatures such as dragons and more religious angel and Virgen de Guadalupe carvings. Considered one of the finest wood carvers in his village, his attention to the detail is what separates him from many other wood carvers. His carvings are a team effort as he does the wood carving and his wife does the majority of the painting.
Desert Scene
Centaur playing Violin
Cactus with Three Virgins
Agave Plant with Virgin of Guadalupe
Agave Plant with Virgin of Guadalupe
Angel holding Dove
Angel with Small Angel
Bird Cage with Tree
Cactus blooming Pink Flower
Cart with Cows
Kneeling Angel
Mermaids on Beach
Monk with Bird
Mother Skunk
Palm Tree with Feeding Bird
Pink Flower