Online Exhibit - African American Art

This gallery showcases the museum’s holdings of African American folk art. Though only fourteen pieces, the works exhibit a diversity of artistic styles, from the expressionistic paintings of famous figures by Ike Edward Morgan and Chuckie Williams to the intricately crafted papier-mache of Patrick Davis. The artists in the gallery capture the African American lived experience in different ways also: from Bill Potts’ use of social satire to the depiction of an enslaved “land carer” in Clarence Brisco’s painting. The museum is proud to have works of such intense imagination and skill and intends to build on its collection of African American art as it expands its collections.
Three Minstrels
"Sisters in Progress", Painted Rock Paperweight
John the Baptist, with Yellow Haired Angels
Woman Guitarist
Moses Strikes the Rock at Kadesh
Two Carved Wood Indoor Scenes
Woman and Child
Bird House and Flowers
Man smoking pipe with cat and flowers
Two girls and chickens
Cat sits on chair surrounded by flowers
"Land Carer"
"Mother Earth"
George Washington